Fixing Webiress Problems Fast

The webIRESS platform is one of the most common online equity and CFD trading platforms in Australia. WebIRESS is utilized by many major on line brokers including, Comsec, Etrade, and Bell Direct, however like all on-line platforms certain traders could experience technical hiccups when initially logging in. Examples of the more common technical difficulties that you may encounter together with simple solutions are outlined below.

By far the most common technical issue encountered by new webIRESS users is usually known as the “ticking clock error” this is simply and endlessly ticking clock that appears on your browser along with the words “installing software please wait”, however, unfortunately for many the wait is endless. The “ticking clock error” is a frequent problem and with an easy solution, this problem happens because Sun Java 1.4 or better has not been installed. The problem can frequently be resolved through a quick Java update, or new installation from the Sun Java internet site. In some circumstances a new version of Java may have been installed yet this error still occurs, often this is due to a pop up blocker or anti virus software program stopping your PC from accessing ““ and Port 6080 or 80, this can be corrected by allowing your firewall or anti virus software to access “*” and port 6080 or 80. As a preventive measure you must always clear your browsers cookies and temporary internet files prior to making any adjustments to make sure that your old settings are entirely deleted.

The majority of webIRESS problems are associated with Java or the security settings on your computer, however on occasions problems might appear as a result of your internet connection or LAN firewall settings. Testing connectivity to the webIRESS server is straightforward and should be done if you are unable to resolve you connection troubles through the installation of Java or firewall and anti virus permission changes. A simple telnet connectivity test can be run by following the directions below:

1. Go to “Start” > Run or open a DOS command window.
2. In the Run dialog box or at the DOS prompt, type: telnet 6080
3. Press Enter.

A Telnet window opens with the message “Connecting to…”

If the connection is successful, the Telnet message will disappear leaving a flashing block or cursor in the top left corner of the Telnet window.

If a connection can’t be made it is advisable to speak to your ISP or system administrator as it is likely that ports 6080 or 80 are being blocked by your firewall.

These are some of the most widespread webIRESS problems, if after attempting the above solutions you’re still unable to resolve your webIRESS connection problem it is advisable to contact your CFD broker who will be able to carry out more complex webIRESS troubleshooting.

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