How To Find The Best 3d Baby Ultrasound Facility in Toronto GTA

In order to produce 3D ultrasound images, specialized ultrasound equipment is used. It contains a sophisticated computer and a handheld device called a transducer to produce high frequency sound that is sent into the body and receives waves back that bounced from internal tissue, including a baby in pregnant women. This information is processed by the computer to create 3D images.

2D ultrasound images are made the same way, but they require much less sophisticated software and use less of the computer’s power. This explains why 3D images have become available only recently. To be able to read 2D ultrasound images the person has to take at least one year of training.

3D ultrasound images offer more than just better quality images. Expectant parents and their relatives can easily understand and appreciate visual effects without any preparation. Moreover, it increases the emotional bond of the parents with their child, and the images are a very valuable and wonderful addition to the family album.

3D ultrasound images consistently spaced in time would be shown as video, which is called 4D or real-time-3D ultrasound imaging. These will create additional effects, and therefore they will become long lasting memories.

While in its early stages of development, the fetus may not be easily recognized visually by a person without a special training in reading ultrasound images. Later on, when the baby’s organs are fully developed, it becomes fairly easy to appreciate the visual images of an unborn baby, especially when seen in 3D ultrasound images.

For this reason it is the best to schedule the 3D ultrasound exam after the 25th week of pregnancy. At the third trimester, the whole family can enjoy the appearance of the baby, trying to find who the baby resembles, its gender, hairdo and other cute things.

After the 34th week of pregnancy, a baby becomes bigger and has less space to move around, causing more challenges for the technician to make good images and show the baby’s body in the best way. Therefore, it is best to schedule an appointment for the 3D ultrasound exam between the 24th and 34th weeks of pregnancy.

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